Born in Munich, Germany, Christian Voigt lives and works in Hamburg and the South of France. He works with large-format cameras, both digital and analog, experimenting with new camera techniques to make the best use of the digital medium. His large-format photographs can measure as much as eight meters in width.

Voigt records the repositories of history, such as museums, national libraries, architectural & historic monuments, as well as, landscapes and nudes. He has developed a visual language capable of telling new stories, or perhaps recounting a tale with new eyes. Libraries, much like museums, are avenues to establish positive change and promote community by giving the public access to valuable resources and information. Voigt, in particular, makes the viewer feel as though they can be anywhere and everywhere within these spaces at once. He continually works to refine a pictorial idiom unveiling the tale that wants to be told. The inner and outer journeys in his aim to capture the narrative calls for deep concentration and the ability to come face to face with people, their histories, cultures and religions. In short, Voigt records a treasury of the inventiveness and imagination of human evolution.

SPACES is Christian Voigt’s debut exhibition in Chicago. Solo shows and art fairs have been staged in Basel, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Saint Tropez, Amsterdam, Madrid.

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